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Hi there! Founder Devin here -

Devin Hynes, Principal of Hynes Digital

MY Passion

Through my ad agency experience in San Francisco,

I developed a passion for the multifaceted nature

of marketing. My interests spanned strategy, branding, design, copywriting, performance analytics, and that sweet, sweet 1-on-1 client interaction. Unlike the many ad agencies that tend to hire specialists focused solely on niche areas, I was privileged to work with firms that actively advocated for ‘venturing beyond one’s speciality’ in order to fully utilize and develop diverse skill sets. Driven by a commitment to aid small businesses, an appetite for leveraging my breadth of marketing skills, and an entrepreneurial spirit,

I launched Hynes Digital.

The Inspiration

After nearly a decade of working at advertising agencies in San Francisco and collaborating with corporate giants along the way, I realized that small businesses were struggling to find affordable, high-quality digital marketing expertise.

They were overshadowed by huge brands that could easily afford the best ad agency services. I thought, "Why should small businesses be left behind?" 

Our Mission

To provide small businesses with the digital marketing expertise they need to achieve their goals–without costing them an arm and a leg (I don’t need limbs, but I do enjoy fist bumps.) As the founder and sole

employee (for now), I bring a unique blend of expertise and personal engagement  to every project. So, if

you're a small business owner looking for top-notch digital marketing services, you've come to the right place. Welcome to Hynes Digital.

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